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An all-too common presence in historic buildings and older homes, lead-based paint can create a toxic environment when it’s improperly removed and can cause long-term damage to your internal organs. That’s why the experts at Abatement & Demolitions Services (ADS) are proud offer lead paint removal services to the residents and business owners of Central Florida and the greater Tampa Bay area.

Safe Sandblasting Services You Can TrustIndividual in HAZMAT suit sandblasting metal ceiling

The team of experts at ADS performs eco-friendly, silicone-free media blasting of lead paint. This is done under tented negative air, allowing the facility or home to remain operational during the removal process.

This method of media blasting allows the blasting of surfaces ranging from painted brick to concrete, restoring them to their original state. The use of soft minerals enables restoration back to the original color and texture without damage to the structure. Our sandblasting services include:

  • An eco-friendly and silicone-free approach – We use chemical-free, OSHA-compliant media on all of our projects.
  • Lead paint removal – We’ll completely eliminate all traces of lead-based paint from your home or facility, improving your quality of life.
  • Treatment of multiple surfaces – Abrasive and non-abrasive techniques allow for quality paint removal, no matter the surface.
  • Historic buildings – Our sandblasting process is done with care, preserving the quality of your facility and restoring its original look.

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A locally-owned sandblasting company, ADS has been serving Central Florida and the greater Tampa Bay area, including the neighboring communities of Naples, Sarasota, Orlando, and St. Petersburg since 1987. If you’re in need of quality sandblasting that will restore your home or facility to its original state, contact Abatement & Demolition Services today.