A Trusted Mold Remediation Company Serving the Central Florida Area

The mold remediation company you can rely on in Central Florida and the greater Tampa Bay area is Abatement & Demolition Services (ADS). Mold can become a serious issue when it produces toxins hazardous to human health. A comprehensive investigation is often required to identify all sources of mold in order to remove the hazard. At ADS, we’ve been identifying and abating hazardous mold from all types of buildings since our founding in 1987, and we are the experts you can trust to eliminate these environmental hazards from your building.

Offering Comprehensive Mold Abatement Services

The trained and experienced mold remediation experts at ADS are qualified to make a full evaluation of your building environment. This process includes taking air samples, surface samples, and photographs to identify what type of mold is in the building and where it’s located. As a trusted mold remediation company serving the Central Florida area, ADS offers:

  • Mold identification
  • Sample collection
  • Sample analysis
  • Abatement plan and action
  • Least disruption to occupants
  • EPA protocol

One-Stop Convenience for Your Mold Abatement Needs

ADS uses the most efficient containment and eradication methods available during mold abatement projects. Our experienced professionals will isolate contaminated areas to protect occupants during abatement and restore the space back to its original healthy condition.

If you’re in need of a reliable mold remediation company in the greater Tampa Bay or Central Florida area, turn to Abatement & Demolition Services. We offer mold abatement services in Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and other nearby communities.