The Preferred Mold Remediation Company of St. Petersburg, FL

Individual in HAZMAT suit removing mold from the interior of a structure.

When not removed promptly, mold can begin to produce toxins that pose a serious threat to the well-being of those in close proximity to it. If you have discovered mold in your home or commercial building in St. Petersburg, Florida, don’t delay in turning to the mold removal experts at Abatement & Demolition Services. Since our founding in 1987, we’ve been the mold remediation company local residents and business owners have counted on to identify and remove these environmental hazards from their buildings.

Our Mold Abatement Services

As a trusted mold remediation company in St. Petersburg, FL, you can rely on us for a full evaluation of your building. Our mold removal services include:

  • Identifying the presence of mold in your building
  • Collecting and analyzing a sample of the mold
  • Formulating and putting into practice a mold abatement plan
  • Following EPA standards and protocol

At ADS, we know how important it is for our customers to receive the solutions they need with no interruption to their daily activity. That’s why when we perform mold abatement in your home or commercial building, we’ll do so conveniently around your schedule. What’s more, we use the most efficient methods in mold containment and removal—isolating all contaminated areas to prevent inhabitants from contact.

Contact Us for Your Mold Removal Project

Living and working in an environment with mold can quickly become a health hazard, so don’t delay in contacting Abatement & Demolition Services if you suspect the presence of mold in your St. Petersburg, FL, home or office building. As your mold remediation company, we’ll identify and eradicate any traces of mold, restoring the safety of your building so you can get back to life as usual.