A Trusted Mold Remediation Company Serving Brandon, FL

Individual in white HAZMAT suit treating the interior of a building that has mold growing on the walls

Removing mold from your commercial building isn’t something that should be left up to just anyone, nor should you attempt to do it yourself. And if not addressed promptly, the effects mold can have on an individual can be detrimental. You need a mold remediation company that has a proven track record of successfully removing toxins and hazardous materials, and in Brandon, Florida, Abatement & Demolition Services (ADS) is that name. For years, we’ve helped general contractors, property managers, and developers throughout the area create safer working environments with our mold remediation solutions.

Our Mold Abatement Process

At ADS, we take the threat of mold very seriously, which is why our protocol for removal includes the strictest of measures and adheres to EPA regulatory standards. As your trusted mold remediation company, you can count on us to:

  • Identify the type of mold and where it’s located through photos and collecting samples of the air and surfaces
  • Take a sample of the mold
  • Analyze the sample
  • Put a plan in place for abatement
  • Minimize disruption during the removal of the mold

What’s more, our team of professionals practice the most efficient containment and eradication methods, so you can be confident we’ll isolate the affected areas and restore your commercial property back to healthy, workable conditions.

Team Up With Brandon’s Best

With every moment that passes, the mold in your commercial building has the potential to spread. Don’t delay in contacting the go-to mold remediation company in Brandon, FL, for quick and reliable response—Abatement & Demolition Service.