Selective Lead Based Paint Abatement

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Lead Based Paint Abatement for Duke Energy Company in Lake Wales, Florida.

Scope of Work

1.Supply work area protections consisting of 6-mil polyethylene sheeting sealed with duct tape, as necessary to properly segregate, isolate and protect the site during the performance of the lead abatement operations.

2.Interior LBP abatement: perform media blasting of approx. 2300 SF of interior walls and ceilings.

3.Perform a final cleaning including HEPA-vacuuming and wiping-down of the resulting surfaces associated with the designated renovation area using EPA-registered LSZ “LedizolvR” (an anionic liquid detergent) or equivalent to remove the existing lead dust contamination.

4.Encapsulate approx. 2300 SF of interior walls and ceilings utilizing “Lead Lock”.

5.Removal and disposal of (37) light fixtures and 192 LF of electrical conduit as directed in site visit.